EU legislative initiatives – indicative dates for European Parliament plenary sessions

In Unclassified on 28/03/2012 by Financial Services Commission

The European Parliament Legislative Observatory has published indicative dates for European Parliament plenary sittings to consider EU legislative initiatives, including:

· the proposed legislative package reviewing the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive comprising the Directive (MiFID 2) and the Regulation (MiFIR) – 22 October 2012;

· the proposed market abuse legislative package comprising the Directive (MAD 2) and Regulation (MAR) – 22 October 2012; and

· the proposed Omnibus II Directive which proposes amendments to the Prospectus Directive (2003/71/EC) and the Solvency II Directive (2009/138/EC) – 10 September 2012.

Copies of the European Parliament Legislative Observatory procedure files regarding MiFID 2; MiFIR; MAD 2; MAR; and Omnibus II Directive are available.

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